When the Universe seems hellbent on kicking you down and you keep getting back up to fight with the help of your team.

I am going to get something out of my chest: this pandemic sucks, lockdown sucks and not even the feeling of living through a major historical event lightens the complete frustration of it all. Looking out the window is particularly downtrodding. It’s summer in one of the European countries with more sunlight hours in the day. The days are magnificent out there, and at any other time, we’d be flocking the streets in our leisure time, enjoying the sun, traveling on weekends, embracing the outdoors with a passion.

Even though restrictions are being slowly lifted, public transportation is still a…

First major snags and the wonders of people being people

I have a confession to make, by now we are tired, all of us. So very tired. We all believe in this project, and we all want to bring our best to the table. But the fact is these last three weeks have taken a toll. We’re three days into our first sprint, and we finally find ourselves with a “regular” workload.

For those of you familiar to Scrum, you know there’s a recommendation to building your team with the people that have all the skills you need for your project. And in larger organizations, this might not be that…

Preparation, or the consolidation of team and structure

In the first report, we told you how in three days we had to take what should be a traditional Scrum Team, and turn it into a remote team, still bent on thinking Agile and using the Scrum framework. We made sure everybody had the equipment they needed, and elaborated guidelines for remote work in a domestic environment. We set up a daily working schedule and allowed for a fixed time for our Daily Scrum. We were ready to start preparing everything we needed to be ready for our first Sprint.

We prepared and planned all that was possible to…

Agile Reports from the Isolation Trenches

Picture this if you will: you start a new project, a new idea of a start-up company with an exciting new big data management software product. You conceptualize your company, its mission and values, the product and its main features and client type. Your time to market is a bit tight and Agile and Scrum seem to be the best options to frame your organizational culture and your teamwork. You are, yourself, a rookie Scrum Master. There is an almost complete overlap between team and organization. You’re ready and excited. …

Ana Carrilho

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